Let’s Welcome in the New York City Caste System

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Finally, we will all get to enjoy safety and security, at least in New York City. With Mayor Bill de Blasio's new position in Vaccine Passports, everyone will be able to rest easy. At least everyone in the VAX Caste system. The second-class citizens need to get their heads in the game!

The Key to NYC Pass.  Your ticket to supervised freedom!

This up-and-coming policy from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is the boogeyman in the closet that all those right-wingers, anti-vaxers, and freedom first libertarians have been worried about.

Freedom my ass. We need safety and security at all costs!

It will be interesting to see the kind of support this policy receives from the general public and the business community. A policy that will blatantly create a caste system.  That will blatantly result in second-class citizens.

The New Voter ID!

I have an idea, let’s turn the NYC Pass App into the new voter ID the right has been craving.  Apparently, New Yorkers will need to show this ID to go get a hamburger, why not show it to vote as well.

The Right gets their voter ID the Left gets tucked in and nanny’d by an ever-growing, invasive, and all-powerful government. 

Community Police Force!

A pretty good job has been done painting those dirty, diseased-ridden, anti-vax folks as public enemy number #1. Anti-Vax meaning anyone who is reluctant to get a COVID vaccine.  Now, the Key to NYC Pass app allows the private community to become the enforcement arm of the government. Who said the government isn’t efficient!!  FREE ENFORCEMENT! I call that innovation! Never, in the history of the WORLD has a government managed to turn one portion of society into the police force of another portion.


Video Transcription

The key to NYC pass will be a first in the nation approach.

It will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining in indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment facilities. The only way to patronize these establishments indoors, will be, if you’re vaccinated at least one dose, this new policy will be phased in over the coming weeks.

So we’ve been working with the business community, getting input, we’re going to do more over the next few weeks, the final details of the policy will be announced and implemented in the week of August 16 So over the next couple of weeks, getting more feedback finalizing the policy publishing it, and beginning to implement it will then spend most of the month educating people going out to businesses, receiving calls for businesses, answering questions and concerns, making sure everyone understands the new approach. And then, on September 13 during that week. We’ll begin inspections and enforcement.

So we want to give businesses big and small, a chance to get acclimated, we want to make adjustments based on their input, but this will move forward, starting in the week of August 16, and then full enforcement and inspection begins the week of September 13, which is very pertinent because that’s the first full week after Labor Day when we really expect a lot more activity in this city.

Why stop at COVID-19?

There are so many cool things we can do with this app.  When the next outbreak happens we will already be educated on the benefits of the app, never mind personal freedom. The thing is, we don’t have to limit ourselves to diseases.

With the speed and efficiency of the digital age, we could put all kinds of data in our PASS Apps.  What are your health records? What is your voter registration? Do you have a criminal record? Are you behind on your taxes?  Do you own guns? What is your gender/sex/race? 

There are so many benefits. A bank was robbed, well, we will know all the people who were in the bank at the time. Perfect! Even if the criminal was smart enough to not carry in his phone, which he would of course NEED to get in… we can query all the people who were in the bank so we can efficiently interrogate them about the crime. I meant, “question them”.

Even better, allow the cameras to feed video directly into our local law enforcement agency so they get real time data on that bank robbery, or that guy throwing the McDonald’s Meal out his car window, or that freakin’ J-Walker.

I suppose some of my ideas would be considered too invasive. At least right now. Let’s just be happy that we are getting the foundation for complete government control in our lives.  Count our blessing.

Good job Bill.

I became a Libertarian back in 2000 but was the stereotypical, "Libertarian Leaning Republican". The right's endorsement of endless wars and growing government invasiveness let me to officially switch parties.


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