Mission : Defend the Guard

Effects of war on our National Guard

  • National Guard Suicide Rates Surpass Active Duty (Coming Soon)
  • Deployed National Guard Harms Duty to States (Coming Soon)
  • Transition of National Guard from Support to Operational Forces (Coming Soon)
  • Growing National Movement Support Defend the Guard Legislation (Coming Soon)
  • Federal Overreach Hurts the National Guard (Coming Soon)


Federal Governments Role in the National Guard

  • The Constitution and the National Guard (Coming Soon)

Defend the Guard

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been involved in a perpetual, undeclared war over the past two decades. This war brings physical and psychological damage to our sons and daughters who should not be deployed as full-time soldiers.  It’s time to end the federal government’s command of the Pennsylvania National Guard unless war is constitutionally declared by the United States Congress.

Help us Defend the Guard

If you are a Pennsylvania resident and you are mad at how the federal government violates the constitution on a daily basis we could use your help.  We are currently looking for support for our Defend the Guard petition so that we can enforce the power of the constitution in DC.

With this petition, we can put a stop to the blatant overreach of the federal government by enacting legislation to bring our national guard home. 

It is unconstitutional to send them to war without congressional approval.

It is time to put an end to it.