We Are Looking For You.

We are organizing Missions within the Libertarian Party that
will help influence legislation, get libertarians elected, and inspire the next generation of Libertarians into action.

We need your help. 

We are looking for content creators, project managers, and people who can help us Disrupt the Duopoly.

Missions Toward Liberty:

Defend the Guard

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been involved in a perpetual, undeclared war over the past two decades. This war brings physical and psychological damage to our sons and daughters who should not be deployed as full-time soldiers.  It’s time to end the federal government’s command of the Pennsylvania National Guard unless war is constitutionally declared by the United States Congress.

Getting Elected as a Libertarian

Moving toward a FREE society will require a mindset shift in our population. We must have confidence in our neighbors rather than the state. Getting Libertarians into elected positions to demonstrate how our ideas work, is a critical step in shifting this mindset.